One of the great things about having access to the World Wide Web is that we get to experience many of those forms, from art and music to carvings and photography.

A British street artist by the name of Slinkachu created a form by mixing the three of the above – Art, carvings and photography. He was able to combine 1cm high miniature figures do their thing in our world in his book “Global Model Village”. Among some of the finest clicks of the above combinations was one that stood out to me as a football enthusiast. 

It hit candidly to the heart as the photography below depicts a miniature figure working hard towards creating a football pitch on a large piece of gravel. Reminiscence of the past where bunch of us would work hard on creating goal posts and pitches only to be wrecked by the authorities.

Slinkachu deserves a round of applause to bring back some good memories and a few moments of happiness involved with those through his piece of virtuosity.




This particular piece of art was created in the neighborhood of Kerem HaTeimanim in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2012.

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