David Beckham is currently in China fulfilling his role as a brand ambassador to promote football in the country as well as repair the wounded image of Chinese football globally. Have to appreciate that.

And evidently Becks will never shy away from a kick-about while he is travelling around the country. Even if he is not garnished in his Adidas sponsored gear. Obviously, his huge following of female fans will not stop salivating at the sight of him in a suit, but as a footballer, one fact is set in stone. That is – never to attempt anything audacious which requires an effort, especially while wearing dress shoes and more importantly, when you have many eyes staring down at everything you do.

Beckham obviously landed on his behind but he did look quite elegant in the sequence from the initial foot on the ball to the actual fall.

Beckham should hope that people in Adidas do not take this in the wrong way.

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