A lot of people have said a thing or two about the quiet midfielder from Barcelona – Andres Iniesta.

In fact on the day Iniesta was called to train with the first-team squad, he could not find the dressing room. Luis Enrique was sent out to find him. Wide-eyed, the 16-year-old thought it was a joke, yet Guardiola was deadly serious when he told team-mates: “Remember this day – the day you first played with Andrés.” Pulling Xavi Hernández aside he said: “You’re going to retire me. This lad is going to retire us all.” – From the Guardian.

Guardiola once said “Andrés doesn’t dye his hair, doesn’t wear earrings and hasn’t got any tattoos. That makes him unattractive to the media, but he’s the best,”

Samuel Eto’o on Iniesta “When I said Iniesta was the world’s best, you laughed. Now you can see I’m right,”

Frank Rijkaard adds: “I played him as a false winger, central midfielder, deep midfielder and just behind the striker and he was always excellent.”

And lastly, Ferguson claimed that “Guardiola and Iniesta make Barcelona,”

Recently Nike produced a captivating campaign, revolving around their indoor football footwear featuring the Spanish maestro talking about the way he saw and perceives football to be in his own terms.

Only increases the likability factor for the shy one.

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