Uzbekistan football

If you ever fancy watching a football game in the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan, you should be aware of the “changes” in procedures to fan behavior, recently introduced, to curb hooliganism.

The Uzbeki FA introduced the following new guidelines for fans attending football matches:

          Police to search fans entering stadiums.

          No “chanting” during football matches,

          No face painting or any other body parts.

          No getting rowdy.

          No more standing on stairways

          No more hanging on fences and railings.

          Banners should not contain “insults” against the opposite side’s religious, ethnic or other feelings.

          Will have to leave their animals at home.

However, you would still be allowed to take your vuvezelas, drums, cameras and mobile phones to the games. These will be tested as Lebanon visits them in a World Cup qualifier at the Bunyodkor Stadium on March 26th. 

Feel sorry for the Lebanese as their usual behavior would be anything but sane, more than ever if they end up drawing first blood.

And how about the last regulation – people will have to leave their animals at home. Who would want to miss the company of their adored pet at a football game?

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