Mourinho is not all that bad
Mourinho is not all that bad

Let me be honest with you. I have always despised Jose Mourinho. Not because he is Portuguese (I do not have anything against the Lusos/Tugas) but mainly because I disliked how the English media hyped up his bigheaded self while he was at Chelsea. In one of his first few press conferences after joining the London side he had said,

“Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one,”

During this time he had won two league titles, league cups and an FA cup.

And then he moved on to Italy managing Inter Milan. Though he brought in huge success to the club, I still loathed his guts and refused to put him over. In his first conference, he spoke in Italian arrogantly stating that he had learnt it in three weeks.

For the Nerazzurri, he went on to win two league titles, one Italian cup and a UEFA Champions League title.

Then when the “special one” moved to Spain, I did not really care as much as I had carried the same resentment for Real Madrid for quite some time. And then when the Los Blancoshad that splendid run towards the 100 points they had rightfully earned last year, I still said to myself – “He is still shit”.

And now that he is probably having one of not-so-good season in his decade of successful management and the fact that he will be moving on, I feel like I finally understand his propaganda. And I am slowly beginning to change my attitude towards him. Even though he has had some disgraceful moments, including having a go at Villanova’s eye, he rarely leaves congregated hacks wanting for a few superior sound bites, putting in a performance like a media-savvy officer, sporadically breaking the norms.

And to top it all, his decision to bring in Luka Modric in for Arbeloa last night was significant for obvious reasons.

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