Since its existence in ~ 470 BC, the Italian city of Naples had unfailingly maintained itself as a major artistic center, particularly during the Resurgence and Information ages. And the city continues to portrait that image today.

Art, as it is today, has converted the city into a heterogeneous and widespread gallery, containing some of the best known modern-day artists in the world. From art in the existing transit systems of the city to the exquisitely implanted graffiti on the walls that would easily be ignored by a passerby, it all exists here.

Certain artists have identified football as a means to display their talent on the streets. The city’s primary football club – Napoli gained global recognition when the Argentinean legend – Diego Armando Maradona adorned the club colors in 1984 leading them to domestic and regional success. As a tribute to him, Napoli retired the #10 jersey worn by the footballer. While, the city had him engraved on its dying walls throughout the neighborhoods, as a token of appreciation.


And as Napoli continues to grow influential in the domestic and European stages, the stars of today have not gone unrecognized either. A few months ago, prominent Italian street artist Raffo malformed a wall with a wonderful depiction of the club’s Uruguayan hit man – Edinson Cavani’s facial expression after scoring a goal.image

Then, few weeks ago Raffo decided to illustrate a similar reaction by the club’s Slovakian play maker – Marek Hamsik.image

As Napoli continues to churn out star footballers, I am quite sure we will be seeing more of talented artists like Raffo on the streets celebrating the city’s football culture.

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