Arsene Wenger

All eyes, cameras, microphones are on Arsene Wenger. He is the center of attraction and in the center of this world of ours. The famed Frenchman and his annually assembled group of high octane performers have spent eight years without a trophy.

The fans are disillusioned while losing out on all the optimism that was conveyed to them, year and year again. Eight years without a trophy, increased ticket prices while being one of the top EPL clubs with positive earnings, and most importantly, the likes of Cesc, Nasri, Song and main man Robin Van Persie sold. To make things worse, Aaron Ramsey was given an improved contract, a player who is not worth half of what he was initially on.

All this leads to various statements referring to Wenger as a manager incapable of taking the club forward. But that is not the case.

Everyone and their mothers in the football community know of Wenger’s capability of turning young seeds into fully fledged athletes. No other manager has a better record than he does in the English Premier League. Period. 

His ability to churn out consistent Champions League appearances and consequent qualifications into the knock-out stages is a reminder of his aptitudes. He has managed to do that with a team made up of youth than brilliant internationals. Anyone else done that? Nope. He did.

And the most satisfying aspect of all this is that in these 8 years without a trophy, Wenger has not yet led the club into a loss. The top management can second his importance purely from a financial perspective at least, if not based on the performances on the pitch.

And to be honest with you, they are not really that bad. With the win over Reading today, they are in fifth position, 15 points behind leaders Manchester United. That is not a big lead. Five games for some to rise and some to fall. We had seen teams tumble before with a lead as such.

The way we should see this is due to the current mentality of an average football fan, the managers are in prime position to receive the blame. If a manager like Mourinho or Alex Ferguson were to go for a certain number of years without any silverware, their respective fans would surely call for a sack too.

That is how football is seen today, unfortunately.

Arsene has maintained his resolve no matter what the immediate future may bestow on him. From his own words:

“My job is to be determined. I love football, I love this Club and I give my best for this Club.”

And we know he always will.

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