A time to compliment Dubai and to all of those street ballers who had kicked a ball or two on the streets. What these guys do on a daily basis, is an indirect tribute to us.

Few members of the Arab Freestyle Movement have managed to push Dubai and UAE, on to the global stage. Although, the extent of it will never be known.

The organization which includes members from all across the region and to some extent all across the world is recognized by the Freestyle Football Federation (F3). With 40 freestylers representing UAE from various nationalities including an Emirati, Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Indian, and Pakistani among the many, they are gradually showcasing their unique skill sets across the region. We managed to track down the very talented Bilal Al-Beirakdar, a 24-yr-old Syrian residing in Dubai for a brief, I mean a very brief conversation.

How did you guys get into Free-styling?

Every one of us has a different story of how he got into freestyle.

What excites you and your boys about Freestyle?

Watching our freestyle friends around the world and their videos makes us want to practice hard plus we want always to be ready for any upcoming championships.

Is there a big free styling community up in Dubai? If so, do you guys have any sorts of meet-ups where people can join, time, etc.?

UAE freestyle community is one of the biggest communities in the Arab region and the most active freestyle scene in the region.

We do freestyle meetings, events and competitions, we always post our news and where we are meeting on Arab freestyle movement social media.Dubai based Free stylers.

And to add to their credit, they recently went “Gangnam style” making a free style parody of the song made famous by South Korean singer PSY, representing Dubai, UAE.

And if you are interested in joining the group to practice a few moves or learn from scratch, the group is more than open to take in freshmen and teach them a thing or two on free styling.

Only wish they existed when we were on the streets. You can reach them on the below:





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