Thousands of fans of the Beitar Jerusalem football team spilled onto the pitch four minutes before the end of the game

A few weeks ago we brought to you a perspective on what we thought was the most overlooked derby in Europe. A fan from one of the team’s from that derby decided to interrupt their game against Maccabi Haifa with 10 minutes on the clock.

The Beitar Jerusalem supporter took off his shirt ran across the pitch with security officials chasing him. He seemed to enjoy the fact that they were helplessly chasing him in order to bring him down.

However, one of the officials was smart enough and thought outside the box. Instead of the normal grab-the-shoulder or push-him-on-his-stride approaches that we had seen before, he went for a more football related approach. It was the two-footed tackle from behind approach.

Luckily, both of them came out of it with something positive. For the fan, the fact that the tackle did not break his leg and for the official – he got an opportunity to do what an average non-footballer would normally not get a chance to do – that is to jump in a two-footed tackle without the worry of any repercussions.

Watch the action unfold here:

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