Ever heard of these two words – “a scorcher” being used in a sentence in football?

Well, wanted to put this across a while back but never got to it but students at a Madrasa (Islamic School) in East Java, Indonesia have given the above; a new perspective.

And it involves 6 coconuts (which can be found in abundance in that region), flammable liquid and 10 players with feet made of iron. It is a practice related to pencak silat, an old-fashioned Indonesian martial art. They go through 6 coconuts within the 60-minute game.

This is what the Match organizer Ali Akhyar had to say,

“We make a fireball to test the guts of the students.”

I am just wondering if they could come up with any other means to test the guts of these students. Just wondering.

It’s not easy to kick a coconut around let alone one that is on fire. Kudos to these guys showing that they are oblivion to pain.

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