Photo Credit: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Europe.
Photo Credit: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Europe.

Of all the EPL games available to watch on TV yesterday, it was the Everton – Sunderland game that was being shown and hence, had no choice but to watch it. I wasn’t expecting an entertaining game between these two mid-weights. Maybe a goal here and there, may be a few attacking tactics but not the manner in which Everton came back to win against the Black Cats.

And all it took was only two moments of magic from Everton’s strongest attacking asset. The 6’ 4” Belgium midfielder, Marouane Fellaini was largely non-existent throughout the entire game. Few lazy passes, couple of horrible reading of the ball and some very late runs into the box. That was Fellaini.

But he came to life in the 75th minute to produce his sixth goal and third assist of the season. And an assist that was! Two goals in two minutes. Both managed to pass through the legs of former MUFC defender – John O’Shea. Absolutely snapping the crowd out of their dry roars.

Where did that come from, one may ask? But that is what Everton manages to do under David Moyes. They show their true character day in and day out and they showed it here yesterday to dig that one out.

Martin O’Neill could not believe what he was watching here neither could I. Sunderland looked very comfortable of winning the game and then it all goes downhill. They created opportunities in the first half. They were on course for the three points but could not maintain themselves. It was a decent performance but that would be of no consolation to O’Neill at all.

Football never fails to keep you on your seats until the dying minutes. As for Jelavic (Everton’s silent hero – who scored his fifth in the game) – He still hasn’t gone through the “3 games without a goal” moment for Everton yet.

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