Premier League

No, I am not done. There are 20 clubs in the Premier League. And I’m not complaining, which means there are a minimum of 38 games of my beloved club that I can watch in a given year. And this series thus continues.

Swansea. Ah that first Welsh club to make it to the glorified spotlight of the Premier League. Surprised a few last season with their displays. Got their former gaffer the lead role in the show Being Liverpool. But then the doubters shout out, that it wasn’t BR that started the revolution but Roberto Martinez, the Harry Houdini of football. Let’s reserve that debate for some other day. While day one maybe hinted Michu might just turn out to be the signing of the summer, and the goal margin might see them actually improve on their league standings, I seriously doubt it. Mr. Laudrup might be a great manager, but will he be able to sustain the momentum losing three key players that kept the engine steaming ahead. If they don’t then Brendan could wear a T-shirt with a speech bubble that said, ‘it was me’.

Stoke City. If they were in the Greek league a few centuries back, they certainly would have been Sparta FC. Brute force had lost some of its charm thankful to a Catalan institution that was making pure mockery of it. Stoke symbolizes the manhood that was under the process of being replaced in this new age culture of ours by geeky glasses and a guy that could work the keyboard as fast as his lightning thoughts. Pace, and that Barcelona tiki-taka is the main subject of conversation. But its easily be pushed aside by few 6 footers in this Stoke side. The smoke and that never-tiring-football-rumor-mill whispers of Pulis being removed would be utter tragedy for the enforcer. Because do not be mistaken, if the T.V guys had pre-arranged graphics for replacing Manager with Field Marshall every time Pulis’ bald head covered by a hat image came on TV, they would. Pulis will get them started on another Premier League.

Martin O. Neill’s exuberance reminds me of a kid who gets lucky in a fair. But then Sunderland has given the reins to the right man. You will always see his side mirror his passion. And the passion should really help the team’s cause. He could certainly do with more consistent talent.

Aston Villa got rid of Mcleish. And that’s a great thing. They did even one better. They got Paul Lambert. Back to back promotions is always good on your resume. But this was an Aston Villa side in steady decline after the highs (which they took for granted) during the ONeill days. He will make them competitive but will they ever achieve the same heights considering every club in the Premier League is adding to their fire power. Highly unlikely, but like any Villa supporter would comment, better this Scot than the other.

Wigan Athletic has Roberto Martinez. The Harry Houdini of managers. Its like he almost does it intentionally. Like he’s been entrusted to give the few supporters that show up at the DW, full worth for their money. A pure blockbuster. While the Manchester Clubs are busy scripting their action hero blockbusters, Wigan is like that movie about that common street kid who makes it big in some climax that involves word battles and goes on to sign a record deal. Yes, come May, expect another seat edge climax.

In case you are wondering, I’m not done. I’ll be back, Schwarzenegger style.


He calls himself an expressionist. He also suffers from chronic palpitations owing to the repeated ingestion of double esspressos.

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