Entrevista Lucas jogador do São Paulo

Lucas Moura displaying his very prized possession. The very shirt that could have caused some serious damage.

Fans in Brazil do take their football seriously.

In a game between Sao Paulo and Coritiba this past weekend, club rivalry was taken to another level. After the game Sao Paulo’s midfielder and future Paris Saint Germain player, Lucas Moura walked towards a Scottish teenager who was accompanied by her father to hand over his shirt.

Little did the three of realize that his generous action would cause mayhem among the opposition supporters where the girl was placed?

The Coritiba fans attacked the girl and the father for asking Lucas’s shirt while aggressively trying to get hold of it. All the bare chested Lucas could do was stand back and watch while the incident unfolded before him. The shirt was eventually tossed back at him to the disappointment of the teenager.

“I was very scared at the time, a lot of people gathered around them and forced her to give the jersey back,” Lucas said.

He later said the following through his twitter account in Portuguese.Lucas Moura twitter - Sao Paulo

The translation is below:

“I know I was a bit naïve, but I never thought that the other fans would have had that attitude, especially with a girl. It was really very sad,”

Both the girl and the father were unharmed as they were escorted away by the police. The girl was later taken to the dressing room to meet up with him where he handed over his jersey.

This will be a stern reminder for those planning to travel to Brazil in 2014. Confrontations between rival groups tend to be the major instigator of fan violence in the country with many often turning violent. There had been numerous reports of assaults on neutral fans just because of the jerseys had on.

Watch the video below to see the incident for yourself:

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