The following was a question among many that was asked in an interview a few days ago:

Tell us about something you are passionate about and why.

All, I could think about at that very moment was Football so here is how I replied.

I guess I could say I am passionate about football (Soccer). The reasons are many but if I had to focus on one important aspect, it would be the fact that:

It is the only thing that has kept me sane apart from Religion. Life throws a lot at you during any given week, be it through work, through family or through anything you could imagine of. But when that weekend comes, all your anxieties and your worries are forgotten and your mind is in a bliss to a point where no one could enter it except for those twenty-two players on the field and that one ball, that is being kicked around.

Nothing can take that satisfaction away. The gratification of knowing that I belong to a group of exclusive and passionate fans all over the world, who may not speak the same language but feel the same way as I do when we see the game being played in any corner of the world.

Hoping that it has done enough to convince the firm to take the hiring process forward. Although, I am not too enthusiastic on the prospects of how my passion in Football could translate into the corporate environment.

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