In few of the revolutions in the past, there has always been that one single person whose contribution facilitated in turning the tides against the regime.

In Egypt, that person was Google executive, Wael Ghonim who was incarcerated for 11 days in Egyptian prison for creating a Facebook page dedicated to the murdered 28-yr-old Khaled Mohamed Saeed. In Yemen, it was a 32-yr-old Nobel Prize winning mother of three, Tawakel Karman who inspired Yemenis to demand an end to then President’s 33-year rule on the country. And in Libya it was Mustafa Abdul Jalil, an ex-Minister of Justice under the Gaddafi regime, who was the quiet mastermind of the revolution.

Abdul Baset Al-Sarout

In Syria, it is a 20-yr-old footballer named Abdul Baset Al-Sarout who is the face of the rebel forces in the city of Homs – a city that is currently under siege by the Syrian government. The gifted Goal Keeper who last played for 8 times Syrian league champions – Al Karamah SC decided to forego his promising career in a cause which, to him, carried lot more significance.

It was ultimately his brother’s and an uncle’s death that led to Al-Sarout joining the rebels. In an interview to Al Jazeera, the Qatari news channel was able to uncover the fact that he has constantly been on the run, only travels by night and has survived three attempts on his life – talk about a life of an up and coming footballer. No, this is the life of a revolutionist.

In the video below, he is seen vocalizing the rallying cries for martyrdom geared towards the mothers in a very inspiring fashion. And it’s astonishing to recognize that he is only 20.

After the revolution is over and if Al-Sarsout is still alive, he wants to return to the football field.

We can only hope that Al-Sarsout and the Syrian people achieve what they deserve against the totalitarian regime of Bashar Assad. Prayers go out to the families of those who perished in this struggle and the approximately 235,368 (UNHCR and Turkey – Sep 2012) people who were forced to leave their houses.

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