Here is a wrap up of few of the games from Match Day One.

Oliver Giroud Arsenal Wasted Opportunity

Arsenal vs. Sunderland: What can I say. A depleted team with an exaggerated hope of winning at least one trophy this season. Santi Cazorla shined with his Spainsh style of play while the other newcomers were just that. The other newcomers. Oliver Giroud’s reaction after missing an easy opportunity that a striker at his level should finish on any given day and the subsequent reaction from the fans in the background said it all. So close but yet so far. Martin O’ Neill’s men defended with their hearts and would be thrilled with the unexpected point earned at the Emirates.

Michu celebrating after scoring for Swansea City

QPR vs. Swansea City: The minnows battled it out. Five goals for Michael Laudrup’s men in a game that Joey Barton must be pleased that he did not feature in. A start that was not expected but awaited considering the Swans performance in the previous season. The £2 million signing Michu could not have asked for a better debut. QPR looked weak from all angles. The ex-united workhorse Park Ji-Sung did what he does best but seemed more like a commercial pawn in the team. His move to QPR basically strengthens Air Asia’s presence in South Korea than anything else. I do have to admit that they do carry the cheapest flights between South Korea and Malaysia.

Brendan Rodgers Liverpool

West Bromwich Albion vs. Liverpool: Neither changing managers nor did introducing a potential tiki-taka style of play helped these unfortunate group of players (emphasis on Liverpool players). The Kop’s style of play was anything but that which was so highly publicized as Brendan Rodgers was revealed as Manager. Seems like Liverpool’s owner – John W Henry brought in along with them the famed curse of the Bambino. The curse that evolved from the disappointment of the owner’s Baseball interest (Boston Red Sox) in winning the World Series. One which haunted them for 86 years. West Bromwich Albion played with a renewed passion of accomplishing something this season. Even new boy Lukaku was on the score sheet on this opening day.

Samir Nasri Manchester City

Manchester City vs. Southampton: No one expected this game to go in to a last minute thriller. Not even the loyal Saints who had made the 220-Miles journey to Manchester. Tevez continued his goal-scoring streak. Samir Nasri rose up above David Silva throughout the game, as it was the Frenchman’s assist that led to the first and it was his goal that won it for City. What a way to celebrate the blessed day of Eid! Southampton’s performance should send a warning to the other 19 teams. A warning that they are not just any newcomers that can be brushed aside. I could be wrong in match day two. Young Saint James Ward-Prowse had delivered a dexterous debut and should be watched throughout the season.

Fellaini and RVP

Everton vs. Manchester United: Marouane Fellaini did more than enough to secure 3 points for Merseyside. And it was the ex-Manchester United man – Gibson who put in the vital assist on the goal. That was the first of few mistakes that Ferguson must be ruing. Selling a player like Gibson. The other being, the introduction of the £20 million + man, Robin Van Persie in the 68th minute, when in fact he should have started. He was the better player than Rooney was. New Japanese signee Kagawa was the best player on the pitch for Manchester as he showed glimpses of his Asian predecessor – Park Ji-Sung in offense. The defense was lack luster as always. Straight forward, when you have two odd pairing of defenders in Carrick and Valencia trying to mark an assertive player like Fellaini, you are always going to struggle.

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