Mario Balotelli

All of us are excited, as the English Premier League finally kicked off today. My excitement goes beyond that. It turns towards Manchester City’s excused child – Mario Balotelli. Another 10 months of expecting the unexpected from the gifted – “Why Always Me” man.

Here are a few of the moments to recollect the Balotelliness we had seen since his £24 million move to Manchester City:

 September 2010: Mario gets involved in a car accident as he drives his Audi R8 to City’s training facility. Cops rush to the scene and questioned him. They demand to know why the (then 20-yr-old) Italian was carrying £5,000 cash in his back pocket. His honest response – “Because I am rich.”

October 2010: The 20-year-old and his brother Enock, 17, drove in a Mercedes to the gates of a Women’s prison in Brescia, Italy. The thought-provoking bit: They saw the gates were open and never imagined they would need a special permit to visit the prison. The two were acutely captivated by the fact it was a women’s prison.

March 2011: This highly viral video shows how he failed to understand the mechanics of wearing a training bib (prior to the Europa cup loss to Dynamo Kiev).

March 2011: A few days later reports emerge saying Mario threw darts at a youth team player as a prank from a first-floor window at City’s Carrington facility. He was later fined £100,000 for his act.

May 2011: This incident draws an “Awwww”. Mario helps a young fan being picked on at school – by going to the school and confronting the bully himself.

October 2011: On the eve of the Manchester derby, he almost burned down his house after letting off fireworks in the bathroom. And then managed to score on his first derby game the night after revealing the statement that he has been notorious for. “Why Always Me?”

January 2012: Nature calls and Mario needs to go. He pulls up to the Xavieran College in his white Bentley, walks to the canteen and asked students if he could use the restroom. After doing his business, he walked around the college for a good 20 minutes before driving off.

March 2012: Mario interrupts Andrea Stramaccioni’s debut press conference as Inter Milan’s manager and barges in the room, shakes his hand and a few other officials and leaves. He basically couldn’t wait to congratulate him.

These are only a few of the many reported and unconfirmed incidents surrounding Mario Balotelli. Now, who wouldn’t be excited to see what the Italian is conspiring this season?

PS: His antics had even enticed a rap song from musician Tinchy Stryder and group – Ruff Squad. The name of the songMario Balotelli.

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