Ronaldinho, Pepsi

You just got seated in a restaurant. You have explicitly asked for Coca-Cola but you are handed with a Pepsi. You inform the waiter that you had requested a Coke. He or she looks to you and gives you the “What’s the difference?” look.

Ronaldinho might have questioned himself when he found out that his $750,000 sponsorship deal with Coke was being revoked.

He was caught casually sipping off a Pepsi can that was in front of him at a press conference related to his new club – Atletico Mineiro.

This was one of the latest setback for the two times FIFA World Player of the Year.

At least, we know one fact for sure. Ronaldinho prefers Pepsi to Coke. And this could, most probably, be beneficial for him in the long run, that is, if Pepsi decides to take this opportunity to ridicule their rivals.

Perhaps Ronaldinho could lay down the realistic truth to the Coke officials: Pepsi is, without doubt, the sweeter of the two.

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