This is just in. You do not need an off-pitch doctor to help you back on your feet if you are around David Beckham.

It happened last week during a league game against state rivals San Jose Earthquakes where midfielder Sam Cronin, was lying on the ground in an attempt to waste time. We all know how that works right?

But little did he expect, what was to come from the ex-England international. All it took was a foot and a ball from the Maestro. After all, he is known for his precision-based free kicks.

Beckham managed to heal Cronin by accurately kicking the ball at him, from a distance. Cronin obviously infuriated with this gesture, went running towards Beckham.

LA Galaxy had lost 4-3 the game against the Earthquakes. And David Beckham was suspended and fined an undisclosed amount for his action. But at least, he will take one positive element from that night. The night he healed Sam Cronin.

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