10 – 15 years ago, as a kid, an awkward legged midfielder from Boca Juniors had caught my attention.

In search of some new exciting moves to imitate in front of my friends, I came across Juan Roman Riquelme’s entertaining bit where he was able to nutmeg (between the legs) an opposing player with a complex spin.

Last night, the man who I heavily admire for his vision on the pitch, finally took a bow. His two stints spanning 12 years at Boca Juniors had come to an end.

Riquelme had this to say last night after the 2 – 0 loss to Brazilian side, Corinthians in the Copa Libertadores final.

”I gave everything to Boca, I love this club with all my life, but I feel empty. I’ve reached the limit. I love and live for football, but I don’t have anything more to give. I want to go home to my kids, I will speak with them and ask if they want to see me playing more time, but it won’t be for Boca.”

And with that he wraps up his exciting, and at times repulsive, career at La Bombonera. He had given the club and the fans of beautiful football, both locally and globally, everything that he could.

Coming to think of it, it might have been a Qatari national who had some part to play in his decision. Qatari-Brazilian Emerson Sheik had scored the two goals for Corinthians to lift the Libertadores title.

Regardless of how he decides to move forward, he is and will always be a legend in my books.

PS: Here is the move I was referring to earlier.

And then there was this. A simply magnificent goal scored against Brazil.

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