Here is something that you do not see quite often.

A video of 6-yr-old kid (5 at the time this video was uploaded) named Rasheed, hailing from a small town called Mambaad in Kerala, India, juggling the ball.

Why is this so compelling?

Few reasons really. 

Firstly, this kid is from India. Now, we all know that there are a few talented gems out there that go unnoticed. He has not and hence it is on us (including the person who shot the video) to get hold off Rasheed and direct him with proper guidance (that is if he is interested in football). As an educator-turned-author – Resa Streidel Brown once said,

“All children are born brilliant. It is up to us to help them find the passion that will lead to their brilliance.”

Secondly, what are the chances of watching a 6-yr-old juggling a ball 350+ times? I believe, not a lot.

And the last reason, he does it barefoot on a ground made up of hard rock with rubbles on it; a ground we would find difficult to walk on.

The video is approximately 5 minutes long but it’s beautiful to watch him juggle the ball for that extended period. Here it is.

Rasheed has a natural attraction towards the sport. His family is doing everything possible to help nurture his ambition including having him showcase his talent at half-time shows at local football matches. One can only hope that he does not go unnoticed, like the many that have.

This specific skill-set of Rasheed does not guarantee that he would turn out into some wonder kid that dazzles and mesmerizes on the field. It will take a lot of assessment by the right professionals to see what sort of a future he has in football.

But looking at how Indian football functions, I submissively whisper to myself – There goes another potential genius that will be denied the nourishment required.

His ambition – To play like Spanish number 9, Fernando Torres.

Hope that he is watching the Euro’s and eventually changes his mind on playing like Torres!!!

Just kidding, all you Chelsea fans.

PS: Appreciate the assistance in much needed translation provided from Shameer Shaduli.

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