Spain France Euro 2012

When one thinks of a Spain matchup with France, the first thing that comes to mind is a slick affair. A highly flowing encounter with thrills and spills. 

It wasn’t. People got to see the clinical side of Spain instead. One move for Alba, some space for Alonso and a goal. Then it was more a question of let’s not finds our selves in compromising positions rather than in greater but riskier parts. What has surprised me is the defensive side of Spain. The pre tournament suggestion that the absence of Puyol might mean a less formidable defense has been anything but. Ramos has drifted in well and seems to be more comfortable in the center than as a full back though that has negated the chance of him sneaking up field and scoring. Spain even though not displaying the footballing equivalent of a Picasso masterpiece made sure the work was still diligent. Pedro grabbed his few minutes with both feet and forced a penalty even though it might have been highly contentious. Alonso tucked his second of the night and the game was quietly put to rest.

Xabi Alonso Spain Euro 2012

Portugal is up next. And Portugal better be aware that it might not be the typical fluidity of the Spanish side that kills them but the sheer will to get the job done and march on closer to the cup.


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