Greece Germany Euro 2012

This game was more than the Germans and Greeks taking to the field. Mainstream media has hyped it up as a diplomatic conflict of determinations. Some would see a Greek win as a matter of national egotism.

Since the Eurozone crisis had started, the Greeks think that they have been consistently disrespected and ordained by German politicians, in regards to the bailout money that was being poured in.

On the other hand, from the German perspective, incredulousness swayed at Greece’s reaction as they initiated strategies after the crisis; hence they declined to send further billions in taxpayer’s money to an economy that is being run with incapable politicians.

Politics and Football should remain separate. That is the general idea. Therefore, getting back to football.

For the Greeks, their reminiscing performance of Euro 2004 was in mind, as the Gods contributed to their success, back then. The Germans were known as the “almost” team. They had come ridiculously close to winning Championships in theory than any other national side out there.

Greek God

Tonight, the Greek Gods were preoccupied though. God helps those who help themselves – is the common phrase we often use. The Greeks tried from their end but their opposition tried harder.

Germans displayed systematic domination throughout the game. Winning their 15th competitive game, they always looked favorites. The Greeks were basically helpless as the onslaught continued right from the start. But there was something Greece could cheer up about and look towards the future. That is the fact that an average Greek side managed to score two goals while the Dutch only managed one.

The paradox here is that Germany knocked Greece out of the championships but will eventually also knock them out of the Eurozone. But whatsoever the outcome may be, the politicians on either side still have a predicament to resolve. In football, for the “almost” team, it will either be the Italians or the English that will be in their way to a potential place in the Finals.

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