England Ukraine Euro 2012

The SWOT analysis is an important tool in business to get perspective. It can be applied to other things outside of business too. Like football.

So the manner in which Roy Hodgson has set up his team almost looks like following that same mantra. Mitigate your weaknesses, and use your strengths to maximize the opportunities and cancel out the threats. 

So if England were workmanlike, and did not enjoy the majority share of the possession then it was knowing that if they attacked, their defense, sometime self destructing and catastrophic, it could expose them to the counter-attacking Ukrainians. It’s not like the perfect eye pleasing last ball is a natural skillset in the English team.

So they did go about their business. Scott Parker, rarely in the tabloids in need of a publicist to negate bad PR, tried to tackle with his head. It brings to my mind the Industrial Revolution. Except this time it was borne out of nationalistic passion and not because of the need for a loaf of bread. Rooney scored from a Gerrard cross, a man finally given the armband, who is enjoying this newfound confidence in a pan England environment something he cherished in the Liverpool colors. They’re attacking prowess still seems to be desired, but please do remember Greece. Remember Denmark. They were not the best teams, but they did win. They played to their strengths and their managers answered one simple question, how can I lay hands on the trophy with the players I possess. Roy must have an answer. He must be just praying that the over excited English press don’t put things into his players’ heads, because they might see a mule as a horse, but Roy knows a mule can only be a mule. And a mule can still out mile the horse by sheer perseverance.


He calls himself an expressionist. He also suffers from chronic palpitations owing to the repeated ingestion of double esspressos.

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