Spain Ireland Euro 2012

Spain gets into their stride. And my feeling that if Torres started he would score was proven right in the fourth minute. Torres is a striker who enjoys the confidence. And not something just told for effective PR to the nosy press looking for any smoke they can pass off as fire.

The two midfielders lying deep still confuse me. I would have liked to see Cesc thrown in the mix in the middle, so that he can appear anywhere he wants, but not chased about because all of a sudden he is the leading striker.

The passing was all some exquisite stuff. Think Tiramisu after dinner. After the first goal, the possession was there, but the urgency was missing.

How do you stop a team like Spain when they play like that? I really feel for Trapattoni and feel sorry for the Irish, because finally Ireland becomes the first team to go back home.

Fernando Torres Spain

Silva adds to his reputation and adds another dimension to the Spanish attack. Really taught us that composure and taking just enough time is key to a finish. Torres killed off a few skeletons and perpetrators with another good finish. Even though he might have lost a yard in pace after all those injuries, and might be a little shaky when it comes to finishing, I seriously doubt if there is any other striker in the world who times his runs perfectly. The offside that was called twice against him, I find difficult to digest, because otherwise the man would have ended up with a hat trick. Fabregas’ goal was the whipped cream on top.

But the job’s not done yet. All Spain need is a point against Croatia. They can’t afford to lose and Croats could be a good test, as good enough as the Italians if not better. And with Italians knowing they have to at least score three in the eventuality that the Spain-Croat affair ends in a draw, once again we are set up for an exciting final set of group matches.

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