Denmar Portugal Euro 2012

If there were any concerns that the Portuguese may not have what it takes to make it through their group, they should be put aside for the moment. They have Varela to thank for whose thunderous strike saved them from any blushes that they would face otherwise.

The Portuguese were expected to win this bout against the Danes with ease, just like the Dutch were anticipated to. The Dutch did not then, but the Portuguese did today. 

The Danes came into the game after beating World Cup Finalists – the Netherlands. It would only be natural for them to be seeping with self-assurance and their counterparts to be oozing with pressure.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Both teams had that one member who were focused on throughout the game. These two players perform quite differently for their respective clubs as they do for their countries. Bendtner & Cristiano Ronaldo – One that puts in noteworthy performances for his country and the other for club. All eyes were primarily on Ronaldo as they always are.

Portugal, ended up putting in an average performance today, a change considering the two adjectives that are always linked with the team – Awesome or awful.

 Just when, neither team were able to impose themselves on the other, Pepe breaks the deadlock with a very powerful and significant header. A few minutes later Helder Postiga adds another. Was Ronaldo involved significantly in the three goals? Ronaldo would have scored 3 goals by himself, if only he had the Real Madrid shirt on. But no, Nani was though.

The possibility of Nani scoring of a header from a Joao Moutinho cross, looked very bleak to Pepe, hence he managed to get in front of Nani and head the ball away. However, Nani was directly present as it was his assist that led to Postiga scoring.

For the Danes, Bendtner fared well with a magnificent display from the tall center forward, which I personally did not think he was capable of. Two well-taken headers. He maintains his positive scoring record against the Portuguese.

If they can manage to reproduce the level of play against the Germans, the way they did against the Dutch, they will eventually win the Euros. And this is not an audacious attempt at assuming things; it is very much a possibility.

But at the end of the day, for both the teams, the outcome of their final group games will decide who moves on and who does not.

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