When the season finally comes to a finish, there is a sudden lull in life that a football supporter finds himself/herself in. There is the pain of waiting three months to see some serious action again. Three months of Saturdays lost Saturdays and Sundays not knowing what to do, because the general slot where you find yourselves with your mates and ready matter is now free with no general purpose.

Life without FootballYes, life seems lost without football. Unless, of course it is the even years. The even years are filled with great international events. The World Cup is actually filled with the expectation of a global party in a country FIFA has deemed apt, and appetites are whetted for some magical football all packaged in nationalistic spirit, or some imaginary alliance to a nation if ones own country does not participate. There is no more Catalunya, Basque country or Castillian country. Everybody is Spanish. They are La Furia Roja. And they play to win. Clubs alliances are kept aside temporarily and Everton fans cheer for Gerrard. This temporary frenzy, albeit different adds to the charm of football, where the carnival atmosphere just shifts from one country to the other. History is written and that elusive medal, the kiss on Gold, tends to make players seem incomplete like both Messi and Ronaldo can testify to.

The alternate years we have the Euros and the Olympics. The Olympics have always showcased future stars and can be seen, as a window of opportunity to see whose names ones jerseys will be sporting in the coming years. Old Eurpoean rivalries are re-ignited though with the same spirit of a battle in a patch of turf.

So I’m getting all my pending tasks completed, because as we all know this is an even year, and there is not respite for the magic that is football.

P.S- Copa America lovers I know you exist in odd years but it remains an extremely difficult tournament for me to follow due to the nature of time in South America and the fact that many big names go missing at times dubiously to remain fresh for coming European leagues.


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