The Big Reset

In the summer of 1990, if you had mentioned to any Liverpool supporter that the club wouldn’t win the league in the next 23 years, he/she would have chuckled, walked into the bank, put in everything he/she owned as collateral, and placed a wager against you. Such is the power of winning, that it generally steamrolls into more. Until of course what I call the big reset.

In the same summer of 1990, Alex Ferguson had been at the helm of Manchester United for four years and had yet to win the league. Manchester United had not won the league for 23 years. It was going to be another 3 years before they did. But that was the little snowball SAF had rolled up and slid down the slope. And the ball gathered more snowflakes, rolled down the slope with such ferocity, it brushed past anyone midget or giant, before landing 12 league titles later where it did mid May. It seems even atrocious to think Manchester United would not be the commanding team, full of oomph and we-do-it-when-it-matters, and we-couldn’t-be-bothered-as-long-as-we-show-up come next January.

But this is the big reset. This is when everything they have done to others have been done to them. This when an unimaginable eight point deficit was cut to none. When two goals scored in sixty seconds was enough to deny them the 20th. This is when virtually the last kick of a season denied them a trophy. There will be no more we are stronger in the second half of the season. No more we have done it before.

So this is hoping that the next season will be the most open, the most respected Premier League season, even though I think it would be difficult to beat what happened last Sunday. And unlike Liverpool, Manchester United would still be up there, because SAF loves the challenge, except this time around, he’s going to wait before he chuckles and has a laugh with the fourth official when 4-2 up against Everton.


He calls himself an expressionist. He also suffers from chronic palpitations owing to the repeated ingestion of double esspressos.

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