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With Pep Guardiola and Roberto Martinez in the frame for the coaching role at Liverpool, a fan can only sit back and watch as it unfolds.

At first it was George Gillet and Tom Hicks. Now John Henry is failing us, or at least that’s the dominant chronicle of a Liverpool fan. Confidence in the clubs American owners is at a record low, and it seems like owner John Henry has been struggling with halfhearted ratings since he sacked club legend – Kenny Dalglish as manager. Based on the immediate social media rant carried out on the Liverpool media platforms, one cannot count the number of people that trust Henry, even discreetly. 

Having recently named a new Chief Commercial Officer (Billy Hogan) and director of corporate relations and communications (Jen Chang), one will except nothing less than top four finish for the club next season! But what do they have to do with football? They are the operational staff. The club will not be able to achieve it’s true potential if it does not have a manager; one that the club can trust and have confidence in. Kenny Dalglish was that person who not only had the poise of the club but the millions of supporters all over the world. Why wouldn’t he? He was and is Liverpool.

Tom Hicks

Till they manage to fill in the role that Dalglish was not “able” to hold on to, each individual supporters’ vengeance will always remain. Somewhat similar to what the Manchester United fans went through a few years ago and to some point today with their American owner – Malcolm Irving Glazer. Additionally, the statement from the clubs Managing Director (Ian Ayre) does not help the cause either.

…”The Carling Cup and The FA Cup don’t generate the revenue and the success that is needed to keep investing. If you want to be successful, you have got to keep investing. People don’t want to hear that football is a business. They want to see us put lots of money into the football team and win lots of trophies and games.

“But you have got to have both. You have got to have continued progress in the league. If you don’t do well in the league and you don’t get into the Champions League, you are writing cheques from your own pocket, aren’t you? That is not a sustainable way going forward…

Ayre is talking from a business perspective, and hence would make sense to someone who understands the principle of how a business works.

But Mr. Ayre, you can’t just shout these words out loud.

A Liverpool fan could give a rat’s behind to what you have in mind. I am quite sure due diligence was done prior to the new owners taking over the club. And this would not have been based on a 2-year plan.

We need to see results on the pitch and so do you, but we also grasp the history that exists with Liverpool FC. It was not created in a few years time. It took time, consisted of a lot of faith and conviction, and definitely involved a love for football.

But I do respect the work that is done by John Henry and team philanthropically. Has given a lot back to the community; both locally and internationally.

At the end of the day, I am with me and the rest of the Liverpool faithful. The only answer to bad leadership is better leadership. And, yes, maybe we will get that LFC fan crusade through associations like ThisisAnfield that will help throw the incompetent out. But coming to think about it, then again to turn their heap of passions into constructive transformation, leaders will have to arise. And hence, this cycle will continue.


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