We had seen time and time again how footballers display their joy when scoring a goal or celebrating winning titles. As we often revel in a winning atmosphere, we tend to forget the dejection that footballers go through as they find themselves at the other end of any league table.

An occasion of such sprung up this past weekend as Dutch Eredivisie side De Graafschap was relegated after losing its relegation playoff against FC Den Bosch.

As the match ended, a young girl of 7 – 8 year old named Saar walks towards her father – midfielder Rogier Meijer as he rests on the pitch dejected. The little girls then put her hand on his shoulder, seemingly asking him if he was OK.

The above written segment does not justify the feeling that would come across; hence here is the video for you guys to watch.

Her action that day could lift the faintest of hearts.

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