Manchester City - EPL Champions

Congratulations, Manchester City!! You have managed to prove the world and the multitude of critics wrong by winning the Barclays English Premier League title in a year that you weren’t, well you were expected to win at least some sort of a title.

However, we did not expect the to see the below.

Samir Nasri celebrating Manchester City's victory

You had brought superstar Mario Balotelli to a verge of burning down his own house, you have made him donate £200 to his local church and then go to a bar and splash £1,000 worth on rounds to celebrate his earlier donation. You had paid for the services of a few superstars that could not even speak in the language of the country you were born in. One of them eventually saving you from eternal embarrassment and you had also accepted Carlos Tevez’s three month leave to figure out what he wants to do and many more.

And most importantly of all, you have managed to shut out all the critics who had been hating on the millions of pounds you had spent to restructure the team. They said money couldn’t buy happiness (titles in this case); you replied are you sure? Because you just did and not just of a title, but for the millions of City fans that were longing for one. Longing for one for a period of 44 years.

Consider your mission accomplished! 

While you and half of the city of Manchester drench yourselves with the win, what about the rest of us followers who are left out with nothing to fill the void that the end of the season leaves behind? 

What are we theoretically supposed to be excited about now?

Euro 2012? Yes, it is a matter of only a few months but those months are crucial. Our wives would expect us to do the chores that otherwise was not possible during game day weekends. Girl friends would find this opportunity to force their guys to “pop” the question.

Dr. Phil, the guy from TV, labeled this “period” as Post Football Depression Syndrome while referring to the same agony the supporters go through when the Football (American) season ends. To be truthful, I was more miserable that I had lost four valuable minutes of my life analyzing the article than I was about the end of the season.

Though it’s just been less than 24 hours since it was over, it’s feeling like I have gone into a withdrawal. The emotions involved in terms of looking forward to the next round of games on the weekend will be missed.

The goal here is to distract myself with topics of “less relevant matters” such as the 2012 US Elections, Iran and N. Korea trying to annihilate most of the neighboring countries and the importance of stem cell research. All this should keep me occupied for a while.

Nonetheless, a hearty congratulation goes out to the latest EPL champions – Manchester City. Looking forward to the excitement to begin all over again come August 2012.

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