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Moments before the Bianconeri faithful poured on to the pitch in Stadio Nereo Rocco and prior to manager Antonio Conte and assistant coach Angelo Alessio embracing each other on the sideline after the final whistle, the title-hungry visitors were treated with the news that 420 kms away, Maicon had completed a 4 – 2 rout against city rivals AC Milan, with his 87th minute goal.

There was a humble but ever-so-fulfilling chant that fittingly summed up the night for Juventus. 

The scudetto drought – longer for some members of the team than others — was over.

Being the third oldest club in the country with 27 titles (28th on its way), it had not always been easy going for them considering their recent history.

The club endured the famous Calciopoli scandal in 2006 – wherein few teams from Serie A and B including Juventus were accused of arranging the games using favorable referees. The result of this saw them being relegated to Serie B along with surrendering the “hard fought” domestic title’s of 2004 and 2005, which were won under Fabio Capello.

Additionally, the club also saw the departures of high profile players such as Cannavaro, Thuram and Ibrahimovic.

However, a few remained. A few strived. Loyalty was displayed and it finally paid off. The names of the few are the enigmatic Gigi Buffon, the midfield maestros in the form of Pavel Nedved and Mauro Camoranesi and the all time Bianconeri striker and legend Alessandro Del Piero. Buffon’s statement at end of game against Cagliari said it all –

……”I thought of many people in these moments and there are many dedications to make, first of all to Alessandro Del Piero, as finally we were able to celebrate together again. I also thought back to Camoranesi, Trezeguet and Nedved, who also deserved to be involved on this night.”…….

One has to be happy for Del Piero, with this season being his last as he adorns the colors of the famous white and black. He has represented Juventus since his move from Padova in 1993 and never once contemplated the huge riches that were being offered for his services unswervingly every year. A true icon in his purest form.

Antonio Conte Juventus FC

Credit should also be given to young coach and former Juventus midfielder Antonio Conte for striving with the team towards this achievement. This was surely not expected when he was appointed at the beginning of the season. Yes, a fight for the top five was expected but not winning the Scudetto. Neither was this expected as the club lavishly inaugurated the new Juventus Stadium, a year ago.

But it was different this time around. The fans were exposed to an unusual showing throughout the entire season. The reason why it was unusual was mainly because of the style of play and the confidence displayed, something that was thought to be missing since 2004. It started with the 4 – 1 home win against Parma and has been notable throughout. Their unbeaten run of 37 games remains with the final Serie A fixture, that of against Atalanta, in the pipeline. Only Atalanta has the capability of ruining their perfect season. Check out the top 5 goals scored by Juventus this season. Some brilliant touches.

So what is next?

One could expect the city of Turin to be a little cautious as the festivities continue; keeping in mind the issues that resonated around previous similar celebration. It’s just that this time, they have finally redeemed themselves by playing exciting and governing football from the get-go.

Scudetto has been achieved and the respect that was owed to the Bianconeri faithful had been repaid. This is the time for top management to warrant that it does not end here.

No, it does not. Focus on domestic domination should continue, and then the thought of an eventual European glory needs to be entertained. While many laugh off the thought of such magnitude, Turin realizes that they are quite capable of doing so.

And so it starts.

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