Weekdays, grinding, whining ahead, with nothing much better to do. No reason for excitement unless of course you are a football fan. It’s like a night out on your own roller coaster running around, up, down, up, down.

After the Premier League was all but buried, Man City wins & Man Utd loses to bring down the points gap to 5. It’s still safe with Man Utd, but then who would have expected Wigan to do what it did yesterday.

The scrap at the bottom seems to be more of a James Bondesque thriller than the top. Unexpected results. Teams at the bottom are like a deck of cards being shuffled. Except for Wolves.

The mini battle for the Champions League seems to be another sub-plot. Four teams in the mix but Arsenal opening more of a distance between the rest with a run of consistent performances.

Bundesliga, which mid-way was the most exciting, is finally finding teams find their position. The potential six pointer between Dortmund and Bayern, and probably decider was won by Dortmund. Robben – missing a penalty and therefore, spurning a chance to equalize. Six points in six matches is what Dortmund has to protect. Easier said than done.

In Italy, the legend, Piero himself, comes off the bench to score and put Juventus on the top.  

Real Madrid seemed to have everything wrapped up, and they seem to be under pressure now with the massive margin reduced to five points. Mourinho is the best man for such situations. He reminds me of Alain Prost and his cool calculating methods. Whatever it took to win. I potentially see him stacking up the defense in the Classico, knowing that a draw meant the Liga. It’s all building to a grand climax. This season has been much better than the last. Amen.


He calls himself an expressionist. He also suffers from chronic palpitations owing to the repeated ingestion of double esspressos.

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