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There are a lot of arguments among football associations to lay claim upon the title of the most exciting league. While people have their own preferences, there are many components that make an exciting league. The level of competition is one of the most important ingredients, and hence the English Premier League & even the Bundesliga can squabble over it, but there is no doubt which league right now plays the best football. The Spanish Primera Liga.

Europe is a testament to this. Five teams have taken eight semifinal spots. Spanish Liga currently boasts not only the best players on the planet, but also the best football. Watching the way Athletico Bilbao (currently eleventh in the Liga) dismantle Manchester United, currently on their way to a 20th title, with panache and treat for an eye is validity of the statement. The general level of football has gone up, and all of the matches seem to be exciting. The best new talent seems to be springing up in the region, and many a surprise package lie waiting, be it the La Masia products, or the Basque country warriors. The only argument against The Liga being the best would be the fact that Real Madrid lay a whopping 30 points ahead of third placed Valencia. But the quality of Real Madrid and Barcelona is so high, if they played in any other league anywhere in the world, it would be the same. I see the league winning team rack up a lot of points. And if Real Madrid were to win it, they could even break the 100-point mark. The Liga is on the up, and if the rest of the clubs in Europe don’t keep up, and good football is not in focus, the Liga might end up being more competitive and then there would be no reasonable grounds for anybody to argue as to which football league is the best on the planet.

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