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Numerous and contradictory reports have developed as to whether cash-rich Russian side, Anzhi Makhachkala will strike a trade with Chelsea for the redundant Spanish striker – Fernando Torres.

Let the drum rolls begin. And let John Mayer’s “Sucker” play. This is the dedication to Torres and Anzhi.

The trades that brought in David Luis, Ramires and Juan Mata, showed that Chelsea know how to get the better of a deal.  However, that of Torres from the Kopp in 2011 for a fee of £50 million had not fared well; not with the board who expected a strong ROI (Return on Investment) and neither from the fans, who envisioned Chelsea to be scoring 5 – 6 goals a game with him on board.

For sake of leaving out the explanation, you would remember the crucial game against Manchester United, where he missed an easy sitter. Chelsea eventually lost 3 – 1.

Thus, no one in the top management would possibly be expecting anything weighty in return for the 28-year-old striker’s rumored transfer to Anzhi. Not anything close to his hyped up British transfer record move to the club.

For one, Abramovich would not mind contemplating this deal, considering the recent sacking of the less-than-a-year-manager £13.3 million man – André Villas-Boas. As it stands out, money would not be an issue here for him.

Anzhi, on the receiving end, would probably be acquiring, for the first time, a household name that is under 30.

Additionally, Chelsea who is on the lookout for a striker that can actually score goals cannot afford the likes of Edinson Cavani, Hulk and Gonzalo Higuain – players that are linked with a potential move to Stamford Bridge. Hence, they are probably looking for a sucker of a club who will take Fernandito off their hands. And that, at the moment stands out to be Anzhi Makhachkala.

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