Roberto Di Matteo

Chelsea and Roberto Di Matteo has been on a tear lately and look completely different since, the sacking of AVB’ earlier this month. With four wins in the first four games in charge, Di Matteo and Chelsea are looming as serious challengers to the third spot of the Barclay’s Premier League.

Prior to this positive momentum, Stamford Bridge at one point had become an almost forgotten, characterless home that looked nowhere close to the personality it had for a couple of years under Jose Mourinho and company.

The club’s recent resurrection shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone though. They play noticeably better when the capabilities of the players are used to its full potential.

And that is what the Italian has managed to do so far.

The ex-Chelsea midfielder relied predominantly on what the faithful refer to as the “Old Guard” to get the job done.

Chelsea Old Guard

Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard have been quite influential since their inclusion into the first team, a tactic that AVB failed to conceptualize in his attempt to bring about a change in the offensive lineup.

In addition to that, the launch of a healthy John Terry who’s game I have recently enjoyed watching. Why?

Just because in every game so far, in the second half most specifically, there comes a moment which I refer to as – “the JT hurling his body at anything that resembles movement” moment. His brave-heart like state of mind makes it quite interesting to watch.

Now now… The new “Old Guard” cannot be discounted here either. Even Fernando Torres managed to get a brace against Leicester City.

Can one remember when was the last time we saw him do that?

Roberto Di Matteo has the next 10 Premier League games to convince the Russian top dog, Abramovich and the rest of the upper management that he belongs here. With FA Cup victories over Birmingham and most recently, Leicester City, along with a remarkable victory in the Champions League, it definitely is a good start in an attempt to sway them over. However for now, all eyes are on the first of the coming stern tests for the club as they visit the Etihad Stadium to face a potent and a rested Manchester City team.

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