While watching the game late afternoon yesterday, I found myself wondering what if someone is watching us?

Weird thought but what I mean is that, for years now, we have been examining through with the help of powerful telescopes and satellites in space, in an effort to find out if another planet exists out there which simulates the one we live in.

It was only a few weeks ago that scientists were able to detect two planets similar to ours – however; we have been unable to make contact yet.

Aliens watching football

But imagining that, far, far away in some distant galaxy – there is intelligent life and they are able to intercept our television signals and for some odd reason follow Champions League and if broken down further support Chelsea?

What, I wondered, would they think of their star ridden team being humbled by a mere Napoli – a club that was declared bankrupt and pushed down to Serie C in 2004.

The night for all its pre game informal excitement; the cheering and the near hysterical fans – some of them looking like they just came off a meeting with the notorious crime syndicates that run the city for which it is known for, did prove one thing. Well, a few things.

I know this may sound a bit questionable, but would the scientists in that distant galaxy – like our own custodians at the various historical Museums when they put together the pieces discovered at an ancient archaeological dig – make sense of the game the way we tend to view certain performances?

You get the idea. I hope so at least.

Got to admit, it does sound a bit outlandish.

And it almost certainly seems even more outrageous when one considers how much money the players in Chelsea get just because they are better – OK, a lot better – at playing the game most of us played as kids.

How much money? We won’t get into that. I think those following the sport already have an idea. But what was last night. Don’t get me wrong; it was great to watch Napoli (who were apparently going to be “white-washed”) come behind from one goal down to taking a two-goal advantage to Stamford Bridge.

Tactical error in selection, followed by horrible defending, especially on Ezequiel Lavezzi’s brace, no support for the full backs on either wings for Napoli’s relentless attack and the overall persistence of the entire eleven players wearing the light blue shirt to outperform the opposition were mainly the reason for Chelsea’s downfall last night.

Edinson Cavani & Ezequiel Lavezzi celebrate after a goal

And coming to think of it, they were one of the favorites to win the competition. One would have thought that AVB would place a very experienced back line to defend, which I believe is one of the top strike partners in Europe that currently exists – Edinson Cavani and Eequiel Lavezzi.

But, not to worry AVB, as the wisest of all living beings on this planet once said –

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

That was Yoda who said it. Yoda from Star Wars.

But, that said, it was one heck of a game, wasn’t it? Makes for an interesting second leg.

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