Half Time Football Stadium

Ok we are at the half way point. Plus added time.

Man City is on top of the Premier League. Man United lay second. Tottenham after that loss to Man City needs something special and a whole lot of luck and other teams playing incredibly well with the Manchester sides to win the league from here on. It is effectively a two horse race. The fourth position fight seems much more interesting. Chelsea, Arsenal & Liverpool in that order. But then again like we have seen earlier surprising results await. In the relegation I really think Bolton might survive. Wigan & Blackburn seems doomed. Putting up a dogfight every single tie might be next to impossible. More last day dramas.

The Primera Liga crown looks like it’s coming to Real Madrid. That’s too much of a lead. It would need a catastrophic implosion by Mourinho’s standards for them to lose from here on. I see them losing the Classico again or at best sharing the spoils. A Champions League tie between them certainly sounds interesting. A final perhaps? Valencia will grab a third spot. The fourth spot seems interesting because Levante is still hanging around, Athletico Bilbao is playing good football, and even though Athletico Madrid lurks few positions down, it seems a surge under Diego Simeone is but inevitable.

The SPL is becoming boring. The Old Firms battling it out. Celtic to pip Rangers?

By far the most interesting league top looks like the Bundesliga. Three teams on top with only goals differentiating them and another team a further point behind. Bayern, Dortmund, or the surprise packages Schalke 04 and Monchengladbach behind but only just. Punters stand to make a lot of money if they get their gamble right.

Juventus looks to bring back the glory to Turin after a long absence, as Milan seems to be losing steam. Udinese, Inter & Roma all hanging around. Napoli has been quietly slipping.

The breeding ground of good footballers in the form of the Dutch League gets interesting as PSV lead, but the much talked about De Jong takes Twente to second spot. Ajax is not the force it used to be.

Champions League is open, but the teams to make it through very much looks like Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Europa should come to one of the Manchester clubs. I see Sir Alex taking it seriously because there is a serious possibility that Man United may miss out on a trophy this year.

Al Ain leads the UAE pro league and should be the serious contendor owing to the quality of players and one forward Mr. Gyan.

In Egypt it’s the two power houses again, but a surprise in Haras El Hedood thrown into the mix for good measure. I hope they take it to the end.

Thus ends the round up. I’d like to see how it looks after the final whistle and come back to this report to see how much half time really matters.


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