El Nino.

There used to be this huge banner with Torres’ picture across at the Kop. He was the one. It should have been a marriage that would have been folklore. But it wasn’t.

The marriage broke down. After all there was the bigger house, and famous riches that were waiting elsewhere. The promise of a greater land and a bigger polished wood trophy cabinet.

So where did it all go wrong. Like the commentator keeps saying week in week out, it’s all about confidence. Look at the debacle happening in the bigger stadium in Madrid. One Mr. Ronaldo despite his immense talent finds himself staring at cocked guns every time he runs out. Look at Carroll at Liverpool.

There were darlings wherever they were. When they make the move, people are ecstatic, but it’s not the same unconditional love anymore. Torres could go through a whole bad patch in Anfield and judging by the crowd reaction not even know he is in one. Ronaldo could have been absent for half a season in United but have felt tears with the cheers when he got back. Carrol was the boy that got the Magpies back into the Premier League without even a stutter.

Torres and Drogba at Chelsea

And when they make the move for whatever ambitions, they think it’s going to be the same. But it isn’t. This confidence thing is a negative feedback thing. The more the pressure; the lower the confidence. The lower confidence leads to more lower confidence. Then Drogba starts. Carrol comes in at the 89th minute. The players and the managers trying to protect them will tell a million things to sidestep the light, but it’s there. Every time Torres gets ready with a back lift, he’s dreading its going to go outside. Every time Carrol jumps he is thinking this is going straight to the keeper.

Is there a way out? The toughest mental character. Apathy towards people that doesn’t matter. The challenge and the resilience to prove people wrong. Now is the time to prove people wrong, and true class shine.


He calls himself an expressionist. He also suffers from chronic palpitations owing to the repeated ingestion of double esspressos.

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