I have a big circle of friends, and most of them are self-proclaimed football fanatics.

Ask them, which club they, support, and the answer is usually a predictable one.

“I support Barcelona because they are the best and they have Messi and have won so many Champions Leagues” says one with his tongue sticking out.

“Real Madrid..Zidane, Figo, Raul…why would you support any other club?” says another in a very condescending tone.

“Arsenal. Remember the Invincibles..haha..Bergkamp, Henry for life baby” will say the guy that shares my first name but nothing else. He does pop up once in a while in a Bayern Munich shirt…

I personally support Manchester United, simply because I wanted to grow up and become Peter Schmeichel, something I failed miserably at. However, I stuck with them through thick and thin and am the focus of many a footy discussion, usually called a Glory Hunter. Hmph…

Ask anyone about which club will finish in the top four, and you will hear the familiar names of United, Liverpool, City now that they have the super squad, Arsenal…yet no one mentions the name of one club.

Tottenham Hotspurs.

Tottenham Hotspurs Flag

To put this piece into perspective, the Hotspurs are currently 3rd in the League, losing out on the 2nd spot only on goal difference, level on points with Manchester United.

Does anyone know this? Does anyone care? If not, then why? Are they playing like this for the first time? Is this just a blip?

Well the answer to most of these questions is No. Spurs have been one of the most consistent clubs in the Premiership. Finishing in the top 5 for the last 2 seasons, having qualified for the Champions league in 2009/2010 season, reached the quarterfinals of the same in 2010/2011 season and only missing out on the Champions spot by 2 points (the 2 points dropped to City that qualified).

They have a squad of under rated players, being managed by one of the managerial misfits of the decade. He is a genius, a somewhat cunning one.

Harry Redknapp - manager of Tottenham Hotspurs

Who else could have pulled of the heist of the decade, picking up a star like Van Der Vaart for peanuts from the richest club in the world?

Who else would have gambled on a 40-year-old goalkeeper that is currently responsible for the 3rd lowest allowed goals in the league?

He managed to retain Modric, who was adamant for a move to a BIGGER club (that club is 8 points below them right now…in 4th). He told the biggest club in the world to back off from his prized possession Bale. He took Adebayor on loan from the current league leaders, and he is currently joint second in terms of goal assists. Absolutely beautiful.

The fact the they are 3points from the top, and that have a 8 point cushion on Chelsea who are currently 4th, says only one thing…they are now genuine title contenders.

Yes..you heard me right ladies and gents, Tottenham Hotspurs, not Arsenal, not Liverpool, not even Chelsea, are Title Contenders.

VDV is of the footynion that they can. “Everybody knows Spurs have a great team and if we can keep playing like this, then we’re also favorites to win the title,” Van der Vaart told the London Evening Standard.

And right he is. With players like Modric, Assou-Ekotto, Bale, Adebayor, Friedel on top of their game, young kids like Livermore, Walker, Parker looking the part and a fragile yet reliable back line of Gallas, King, Kaboul and Dawson (he used to play for England..Remember?), there is no reason why they cannot.

Tottenham Hotspurs Players celebrating a goal

So there you have it people, as we see a shift in power in the city of Manchester, there seems to be a shift in London as well. And no it’s not Roman putting in billions of pounds into Chelsea (again)…it’s a low-budget club climbing up the ladder, pushing the big boys down on the way up!

Their motto is Audere est Facere, which roughly translates to “To dare is to do”

Ladies and Gents, I present to you the Tottenham Hotspurs.

They dared for the last few seasons, is now the time to DO? Let’s wait and watch…

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