Liverpool January Transfer WindowIn exactly less than twenty-four hours the sporting pages will go on frenzy. English yellow sensationalizing journalism goes on overdrive, trying to figure out which athlete is going where. Sensationalism sells, and it pays to have people posted in airports and outside clubs to know who is spotted where and who is seen driving through which gates.

Fans feed the frenzy. We have live updates. Everybody’s dreaming up already.

Hang on. Don’t fall for these gimmicks. Don’t waste your time youtubing someone as soon as their names are attached to your tribe. I remember googling Lucas Leiva years ago and watching videos of him scoring goals. Every Brazilian had to right? Then I watched with disappointment, as he didn’t. And goofed up. And didn’t live up to expectations. But he slowly turned things around to being one of the best players in the EPL. His football albeit not the most pleasing to the eye, does its job, and does it well. So if I had to cut a video, I wouldn’t show him scoring goals. I would show him tracking back with Silva. Or making an interception or giving Suarez a through ball.

What I’m getting at is, don’t get super excited after a signing. Don’t label someone good or bad before you’ve seen them play in the system. Don’t build up hopes and expectations. Be patient before you make a judgment.

I’m still waiting on Carroll, no matter what the media says right now before I pass judgment on failure.


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