Realizing the fact that one should be respectful to an individual’s despair, this was a topic that caught my eye recently.

Football injuriesIt is common for injuries to take place during the lifetime of a footballer. They would be considered blessed to go through their entire career without breaking bones or rupturing tendons.

However, there are injuries, which once you hear of them makes you softly mumble this question – Are you serious? And some that just bring a smile to your face. These injuries can occur at any time to anyone and there is nothing that can be done to steer clear of it. What is meant to be is meant to be. So on that note, lets start.

We all know that injuries from stretching are quite common. But for this to happen to seasoned footballers is appalling, considering the fact that stretching is one of the basic concepts taught every day from when they started playing ball. Taking the case of Robbie Keane in 1998, rupturing his knee cartilage while stretching to pick up a TV remote control. Or that of Leroy Lita, who injured his leg muscle while going through a routine early morning wake-up-from-bed-stretch.

Animals have added to the misery of certain footballers – domesticated and few that are just unexplainable.

The best example would be that of Darren Barnard, former Welsh international, who was for five months, after slipping on his puppy’s urine on the kitchen floor. Similar cases involving dogs include that of Liam Lawrence (ex Stoke City), Julien Escude and Carlo Cudicini, where the latter two picking up injuries while walking their dogs and the former (Lawrence) actually falling over his dog.

George “Chic” Brodie, who passed away in 2000, had to hang up his boots and end his career in 1970, as a result of a collision with a sheepdog on the pitch. The dog got the ball, but he ended up wrecking his kneecap.

Picture of a MooseAlso in 1970’s, Norwegian Svein Grondalen, had to miss an international match due to an accident that took place while he was jogging. He had run into a moose. Or is it the other way around? Seriously cannot see this happening? We are talking about a Moose here, not a dog, cat or a sheep – a moose?

Then there is the relation of weird injuries and goalkeepers. Dave Beasant, who was the first keeper to save a penalty at the Wembley in a FA cup final, was out for the start of Chelsea’s season, due to an injury picked up while he was working on his culinary magnum opus. Apparently, he dropped a jar of salad cream, so to soften the fall onto the floor, as his hands were occupied, he managed to instinctively stick his foot in its way. Wrong move. A similar incident took place as Santiago Canizares, who was celebrating a call up to the Spanish side for the 2002 World Cup, was injured while a bottle of an after-shave fell on his foot. The result? He eventually missed the World Cup. There is also the story of Evertonian keeper Richard Wright, who was injured warming up in an area that had clear warning against doing so in the area. Karma is a #%^&@, ain’t it Mr. Wright.

And lastly, there are injuries caused by excessive goal celebrations. The strangest of all would be that of Servette midfielder, Paulo Diogo, who managed to tear off the top half of his wedding ring finger. How? He jumps into the crowd to celebrate, on his way down, his finger gets stuck on the fence and as he pulls it out, there goes the finger. To his despair, the referee for excessive celebration ended up booking him. Thierry Henry & Marco Tardelli, ended up on the sidelines after being hit on the face by the corner flag, while celebrating in that small patch of an area. There is also Shaun Goater, who had to be substituted in a game against Birmingham City in 2003, after sustaining an injury when he kicked the advertisement board, in celebration of Anelka’s goal.

So there you go, there are a few more interesting incidents out there but above is what I think are of some of the craziest injuries that footballers have gone through. If you know of any, please share it with us.

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