Premier League January Transfer Window
The year is ending. And the first indication to that is the onset of the month of January and while people get busy with their New Year resolutions that is so hard to keep and gets broken as soon as the hangover finishes, there is something else that keeps the football crazy mind intersted, the transfer window.
The first half of the season is where the premises of many teams do not hold true. Chelsea’s is an aging squad. They desperately need a defender to prevent calamities, and Luiz looks like a tectonic plate instilling the same fear in Chelsea fans like the fear inhabitants of an earthquake prone area have when they go to sleep.
Liverpool has only scored four more goals than Van Persie has the whole season and they need to fix that. Man Utd look like they need some help in the mid there, you can’t have Rooney play deep forever ever. Arsenal are playing well, but that defense still looks to me a bit susceptible.
So the media vultures will start hovering. The agents will start talking up their clients. There will be a speculation by football sites as off the mark as analysts on Bloomberg, but hey, the quality has to simply improve.
Personally, Liverpool got Suarez last season. Can we stumble upon another piece of gold would be the question?


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