Liverpool players celebrating their victory over Chelsea
I am a Liverpool fanatic, but a realistic supporter nevertheless. So I didn’t expect much when Liverpool visited Stamford Bridge, a draw would have been a reason to be happy. But now I’m ecstatic, considering the fact that the Reds will be driving back in to Liverpool with three points in the bag.
But something else makes me super happy, wets my appetite, the fact that there are four teams from fourth to seventh on twenty two points (as I write this, although Tottenham could make that different). Makes every week with the Premiership interesting. There’s the added bit of pressure for almost every match because one of the top teams are involved and losing points can have serious position altering consequences. I’m being lustful for more of the action this season, and the different combinations and positions involved might even give the Kamasutra a run for its money. Is it the weekend yet?


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