David Silva, the maestro, the Merlin, Manchester CityDavid Silva is the name that, at present, resonates around the Etihad stadium much due to the satisfaction of the City faithful. The man, the maestro, and the conductor of beautiful orchestra that we presently observe every week the Blues march on to the field.

Since his £24 M move from Valencia, he has demonstrated the fact that, a single person can improve the potential of the players around him, and rightly is he doing so.

Time and time again, we hear the critics talk about his ability to survive in the EPL and time and time again, as he stepped on to that green patch of 80×120 yards, he had and continues to defy them.

Initially, there was also a talk of him being motivated by money. He has rebutted those arguments by stating otherwise. This is quite contrary to a few players we know who were lured into Eastlands with the enormous riches. Keeping aside from the fact that he IS currently enjoying a generous weekly wage, I would argue in favor of Silva as it was not his main motivation. He had publicly come out a while back explaining his main reason to move, which was that of helping his previous club financially. He realized the financial significance of this move to Valencia, and how it would help the destitute club with some much needed cash. Did he want to leave Valencia, not really.

Most importantly, the Spaniard, with Japanese ancestry (Yes, Japanese, figured he had some Asian in him), had instilled an outlandish dream or a belief, if I could say so, in the City faithful. That notion which was fancied for a very long time, since 1936 to be exact. The belief of winning the most desirable prize in English football. The belief of becoming the champions of EPL.

His stunning left foot that bewilders the best of defenders; his sub lime through passes, his inspiring one-twos and his magnificently placed goals have given birth to a style of play that can only be credited to a few teams around the world. The titi-taka style of play, that is purely a pleasure to watch. Thank you David Josué Jiménez Silva. Thank you for taking the fans to that level of euphoria, which is presently being experienced.

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