Paul Scholes shown a red card against Roma

Paul Scholes – the charismatic, sorry, the sturdy midfielder who is known for his hard tackles, and consistent performance. 

I can only remember him as a player who stands 25 yards away from the goal during a corner kick. He gets one of those sublime passes to his feet and eventually scores those one touch scorchers. Hmmmm. Orgasmic to the footballing eye.

He has been quite verbal since his retirement from the sport. Been always saying one thing or the other; interesting and entertaining things though. For example, in a recent interview to BBC, he did not shy away from bluntly saying that most of his hard tackles were purely based out of revenge. All right, we all who have played the sport have done it in one-way or the other. Doesn’t really follow the concept of FIFA fair play, but hell, why not. Do unto others what others do not realize why it’s done.

Getting back to my point, lately, Scholes had been all over the news criticizing the English national team. To certain extent he his right in his assessment of the performance. He is right to question the fact that, players do play in the national team with honor, but do they enjoy it? It’s like sleeping with the Queen, would definitely be an honor but whether they would enjoy it, is a very good question.

He has also gone as far as passing a negative judgment on the coaching methods currently been employed. He has been doing that for a while now, even during his time in the national team. So what of all this?

Nothing really. Just wanted to write about it. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Scholes just turns up one day in a tracksuit and started putting cones out during one of the national team practice sessions.

I could probably see him at a desk at the FA right now, writing apologetic letters to people whose career he has ended or had been on the verge of ending. It’s both emotional and extremely worrisome at the same time.

Any thought’s on what it would be like if Scholes were to take the realms of the English national team? 

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