Image of Tevez in Manchester city

It was a welcoming sight to see Carlos Tevez being revealed to the citizens on 14th July 2009. He has done wonders at the club and has been an integral part of the club and its success that we see today.

pero ¿por qué Tevez? ¿Por qué?

Why did you not play in that game when Mancini had asked you to? I understand the fact that Kolo Toure was given a chance to start and he wasn’t. That would piss me off as well, keeping in mind that Tevez had at least been playing (even if not regularly) when Toure had only played one competitive game since his return from his suspension.

But that was still not a way to react for a player like Tevez, who has given his all for the club day in and day out. This one action of his nullifies all the greatness he had displayed to the Blue throughout his time with them. On a humorous end, this action could also make the other “superstars” come out and say,

Hey, if Tevez can get paid crap load of money and question the coach’s authority by rejecting to enter the game, then  I could do that as well.

The move would probably be followed by most of the squad who had not realized until now that they did not actually have to play.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the top dogs at City begin searching for players who not only want to get paid £200,000 a week but would also enjoy playing football for Manchester City.

Anyways getting back to Tevez, is his frustration understandable? Yes it is, because he is a world-class striker who needs minutes on the pitch. Was his action justifiable? No, because at the end it is always the coach that has the final say and he is the one who is need to be followed.

From my perspective, I have always been advocating (to myself) that Tevez needs a few complete games. I agree to the fact that Aguero and Dzeko are doing very well, however for a striker like Tevez to sit on the bench. Not good. That was one of the main reasons that he decided to move from United to City – playing time.

At this point, if God’s can offer human being second chances then Manchester City should work on doing the same for Tevez. We all know that Scholes had a similar experience and look at where he is status among the United fans right now. City needs to work closely with Tevez in solving the matter asap, that is if they still believe in him and his contribution to come.

Now, if the club decides to sell him, what would that make of the expensive original Tevez jersey that I have? It would be disappointing to give that away. I could probably sell it to the hardcore Tevez stalkers out there. If there is any outt here, please contact me.

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