Maradona press conference for for Al Wasl

For all of you who are not up-to-date with what’s currently happening in the life of Maradona, I can tell you:

He’s all right. You know, doing the usual since he completed his cross atlantic move to UAE. The usual any coach or individual who temporarily moves to another country would go through. House, car, ID, license, etc.

For first, he’s currently residing in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on the Palm Islands which would probably take him 45 mins to get to the club stadium (Zabeel). I could see why he would choose that area specifically. It would probably remind him of Cuba.

He recently picked up his license as well. Not sure if he did go through the road tests that are mandatory here considering his driving relationships with buses. The government must issue a notice for buses to keep a distance of 5 KM while he is on the road. For those curious on his current ride, an Audi A8 and an Audi Q7 (for the Mrs.).

In terms of football, he is doing a good job so far as a coach, although his first game turned out to be on a losing end against Al Jazira in the Etisalat cup. However, had a win in his second game, which is great.

And yes, the occasional kicking of fans continues. Did not go Bruce Lee on someone as Cantona did but he did kick a fan. Quite hilarious actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fan decides to chop off his hand and sell it on ebay. Check out the video here courtesy of youtube.

And to end this with, he also did not shy away from entertaining us with one of his classic media statements, which he is well known for. This was directed towards the Al Wasl fans who were skeptical about the defensive lapses that the club was going through.

“If you are scared, then don’t come and watch the matches,” Maradona said at a press conference before their game against Emirates club.

“You can stay at home and watch DVDs or some comedy series. There is nothing to be scared about in football.”

This is to you El Dios. We will always love you no matter what you do.

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