Argentina play Venezuela today in a friendly game. Nothing new between the two countries from the same continent right? Well, the only difference is that they will be facing each other in one of the craziest football passionate city of Kolkata in India. Yes in India. The match is scheduled to be played at Salt Lake Stadium, the quintessence of Indian football, with a capacity of 120,000.

It is a win-win situation for both hosts and the participating teams. There is no doubt on the fanaticism of the city towards the Albiceleste as the euphoria was quite visible when Maradona paid a visit to the city in 2008. However, this time, with the star studded line up of Argentineans set to be displayed in front of the Indian crowd, one can only expect that excitement to be taken to the next level. At least I hope so. 

Then again, things have not been going quite well from an operations point of view. One would imagine, for a match-up of this magnitude approved by the FIFA, things would be in place for a smooth and effective functioning. Well, was not the case.

Firstly, there was ambiguity in the media accreditation cards that were given for game day media presence. Secondly, as the posters were being printed out for promotional purposes, print shots of Paraguayan squad appeared instead of the Venezuelan squad, the mistake which was only realized after a few were printed. You have to admit that is funny. And lastly, the equipment and baggage of the Venezuelan team went missing in transit. What are the chances of that happening especially when a national sports team is involved? Wait, we are talking about India here. Ok.

With all the blunders that took place, we can only advice our guests to enjoy their trip to India as we look forward to 90 minutes of entertaining football. 

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