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Barcelona, the team that every football fan all across the world, enjoys watching. The passion and love for the sport and the team itself can be seen in each individual who represents the club; from who I believe is currently the world’s greatest player (Messi) to who I believe is currently the best mentor (Guardiola) out there to who I believe I would definitely have on my side, when I would get into a fight (reserve goal keeper – Pinto).

The Champions of all kinds have provided us with the entertainment year in and year out, that we have come to appreciate. The team with an average height of 5’ 10 has proven, to those who say a football team needs tall players in order to provide stiff competition and eventually win, that height does not matter. They symbolize a level of play that cannot be imitated.

The understanding between the players, the incredible one-twos, the gung-ho mentality towards the game and the intrinsic maze of passes tends to mesmerize the toughest of all opponents.

I have to thank my close friend Carmelo Teran (Carmelito) for educating me with a deeper understanding on what the club stands for, my increasing appreciation of the club and eventually my decision to visit the Nou camp in 2004 and experience what I would describe only as an feeling of unexplainable admiration towards the club.

And with the recent victory over Porto in the Super Cup, they are only widening their gap in the domination of world football. A gap that does not look like it would shorten any time soon. However, I can be glad that I am in a position to truly understand the club’s motto of “Més que un club” or “More than a club”.

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